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Anyone NOT engage in panic buying?

I haven't "panic purchased" per se. Since all this hit the fan I've ordered 9mm and 40 cal bullets to load(they havea 14-16 week lead time so I'm at the manufacturers mercy), traded off some ammo I had from a gun I no longer have for some cash and small pistol primers, and picked up some ammo just to get some trigger time, and purchased 5 extra 15 round G22 mags at $25-30 each. Aside from that I've continued as normal.

Bought some powder to load pistol cartridges and small pistol primers will last quite a while. Trying to work up a few loads for my 7mm Mag for deer and like sized vermin to be used at long ranges(500-1000 yards). Can't find powder to work these new loads and can't find powder to replenish my supply from my last bout of load development.

Just picked up a post 64 Winchester 94 .30-30 for $225 out the door and .40cal ammo at $21/box50. So now I need to find reloading dies and components for it. The 40cal ammo is normal priced for the shop but about $6/box more than what I was used to paying pre-panic from another shop.

I can't afford to panic buy. When I see what I need for a reasonable pre-panic price I buy it. The 94 was on my list since September when I bought my brother one as an early Christmas/birthday gift.

Until this stops I will cease my normal live fire training regiment and switch to dry-fire as snap caps are cheap and reusable. I used to shoot a box a week training but now I'm down to 5 rounds a month.
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