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I would get AR mags (Wideners and some others have a few in stock), at least 30 rounders but a few 20 rdrs as well. Also some Glock 9mm mags G19 and G17 (or whatever gun you own like M&P, XD, etc).

I would not spread yourself too thin trying to buy for too many guns. Most .22LR are 10-rd standard mags anyway and I see no real need for larger ones on a rimfire when they cost nearly as much as an AR mag. If you can afford it I would try to get at least 20 AR mags and 10 pistol mags.After that then maybe a few AK mags but still focus on your primary rifle and pistol mags.

FYI, this is exactly what I did over the last ten years. I built up my armory of AR rifles and Glock pistols, then their mags to where I had at least ten mags each. Then I got some AK mags, M1 Carbine mags, but also kept adding to my AR and Glock mag inventory.
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