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I have a beautiful stainless and mother of pearl S&W, serial #297319. I'm not sure what caliber it is...something smaller than a .38
It's not stainless. It was made a few decades before S&W had stainless. It has been refinished and it's likely nickel.
If it's not a 38 then that leaves 32. Assuming that is what it is then it would be a 32 Hand Ejector 3rd Model. Serial numbers ran from 263001 in 1917 to 536684 in 1942. Heat treating started at serial number 321000 in 1920 so yours predates that.

On the butt of the gun it has "C 420xxx"
38 Military & Police. Serial numbers ran from C402924 in 1957 to C429740 in 1959. +P is safe to use. Value around $400 range.

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