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Deerslayer303, You have brought back one of my all time great childhood memories,,, Our neighbors unattached garage was going to be torn down.. (because it was falling down) and it was full of rats.. Big ones..

We all knew that if they tore that barn down the rats would go everywhere in the neighborhood. (or 'hood as some of the young folk say today) .So my friend & I climbed up on the roof... (because there was a large volkswagen sized hole in the roof.). And we set up there the whole day with pellet guns offing rats as the ran around in there getting at the loaf of bread we dropped in there as bait...

NOthing better then being under parental orders to kill everything that moved in the Barn free-fire zone... And then that dangerous-he-should-not-have-one-yet BB gun became a tool that saved the world from impending rat invasion.
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