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I was at my local range/gunshop today. I picked up 4 boxes of .223 Hornady Tactical Application Police ammunition 20 cartridges for $26.99 a box. I also picked up 100 rounds of .38 special for $36.00. I was talking with the owner and he told me that they have been notified that starting April 1st his cost to purchase ammo from his suppliers will be going up. He said that his cost for ammo will be going up as follows.
  • center fire rifle ammo will be going up by 15%
  • Rim fire ammo will be going up by 10%
  • Pistol ammo will be going up by 5%

I also stopped by Walmart and the case where they had there ammunition now contains car radios and speakers. May be this is a sign that they are not going to carry ammo any longer.

I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens.
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