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I DO NOT, like the new style LEE Molds!

These new molds are retarded! Lee should have left well enough alone! First of all, I prepped the mold as per LEE's instructions. I even took it one step further and put graphite on the top of the mold to try to keep the sprue plate from galling the top of the mold blocks. Well after only about 300 round ball cast the top of the molds block are galled. I kept the sprue plate pivot and locating pins lubed with beeswax. The sprue plate CONTINUOUSLY loosened up! And in one of the round ball cavities there is a rough tool mark almost looks like where the sprue was cut, just a rough finished mold and the quality of this one SUCKS! Then the icing on the cake today was one of the locating pins fell out. The old style LEE molds worked PERFECT, I have some that are still going strong after TONS of castings, no galling etc. I'm going to order a LYMAN mold RIGHT NOW!!!

Thanks for listening to my rant. I feel better now I got that off my chest. I do realize that its a 20 dollar mold, but still when I get in the groove making boolits I don't like to have to stop after I got everything set up and running.
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