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Ruger American .243 at 650 yards...

...with Federal Fusion 95 grain ammo. This is a bit hard to believe... but facts are facts... here goes:

We had a guy show up at the course today with a factory, brand new never fired Ruger American Rifle (RAR)... we ran through the bore sight, got it on paper at 100 yards, and fired these two shots with Federal's Fusion 95 grain .243 ammo...

We just had 40 rounds to work with, so 2 shots at 100 yards seemed enough... a few clicks of right windage and we took the rifle on to 350, 500... and finally 650 yards. The thing shot extremely well. No break in, just shooting it...

It was pretty cold, in the high 20's with wind blowing 8 to 12 mph... but waiting on the lulls with 4 minutes of windage allowed the shots to come onto the plate. Look at the elevation spread.... practically non-existent. This Federal ammo is really good stuff...

A shot down range...

This kind of performance will be hard for many to believe, I realize... but facts are facts. I was just as amazed at the Federal ammo as I was the Ruger rifle itself.

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