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Arrgh , I did the unthinkable....I spent my gun savings on a 1885 low wall in .22 hornet ( I couldn't resist ) instead ! It is another cartridge/rifle I've wanted for awhile now and it has a bit of history to it as well ! Now getting back to the 38-55 , I'm thinking of replacing one of my 45-70's with one but not the 1886 of course ! I checked out a local shop that specializes in reloading supplies and he said he would have no problem setting me up for reloading the 38-55 caliber ! Yes , I've heard you can fire form 30-30 brass if need be but for me probably not necessary ! I use mostly cast bullets for reloading the 45-70 and would do the same for the 38-55 ! I'm hoping I can get a good deal on one in the near future , thanks !
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