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Colorado preparing to pass magazine ban. What would you buy now?

I'm pretty new to shooting and have really only explored pistols to date. However, it appears the Colorado legislature is going to move up my timeframe, at least in regard to rifle magazines. I've listed the details of the four gun control bills in this post on the "Law and Civil Rights" board. My point here isn't to rehash that legislation, but to figure out what steps I need to take as a future rifle owner. The small bit of good news is they aren't pursuing a full "Assault Weapon" ban (this time). The bad news: 15 round magazine limit and 8 round shotgun limit, but they do allow a grandfather provision if you own the magazines / shotgun prior to the effective date of the law (July 1, 2013).

This brings me to my question: I currently don't own any long guns, but was planning to in the future. It looks like I'll still be able to buy them and own them in CO, but to the extent that I want magazines with greater than 15 round capacity, I have to buy them before July 1, 2013. I see the obvious absurdity in buying magazines for guns I haven't yet purchased (or even thought much about purchasing), but this is the situation I find myself in.

That being said, I could really use some advice in this area. If you were in my shoes, what magazines would you be looking to buy today? 30 round 5.56/.223 seems obvious for a future AR-15 purchase, and I'm pretty sure I won't have a burning desire for an AK once I have the AR, but I don't really know what else is out there that might be a good caliber to own and shoot and where magazines greater than 15 rounds are frequently used. I think I'd be interested in a .22lr, if for no other reason than the cheap ammo is good to practice with, but that's about as far as I've thought it through.

My current purpose is target shooting / fun. I am not currently a hunter, but wouldn't mind giving it a try one day.

So, as I said, if you were in a situation where buying +15 mags would be illegal in about 4 months, but any owned at that date are grandfathered, what would you buy now?
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