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...I really don't see an ample supply of even reloading components being produced for the 38-55...
I missed that point when I last posted. It doesn't seem hard to find basic components. Perhaps not at the local gun shop, but you can order in what you need. There's a couple jacketed bullet makers, Barnes, and another one or two. Brass isn't hard too hard to get (and you can use 30-30 brass if need be) and cast bullets, in a variety of diameters and hardnesses, are available from many casting outfits.

Whit Spurzon has some youtubes up with him and others hitting steel gongs at 400 yrds and more, iron sights, with their 38-55's and other calibers. There's one also with a guy shooting a large rock and hitting center at 1100 yards with an iron sighted Oliver Winchester Commemorative using the ladder sight. Good fun. The guns are capable of better shooting than most give credit for when a decent load is found.
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