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Snuffy, your info may be a tad dated. Barnes are not coated any longer and they have not fouled 5 or 6 of my rifles any worse than cup and core. We shot a lot of plains game 2 years back and quite a few deer since then---No pencils. All dead as fast as shot placement indicated. Sitka deer and bushbuck thru eland. 60# thru 1900#
Yes, turn the pages back about 10 years, maybe 15. I have a poor memory for when I read something.

Here's what I know, or have read about the failure to open problem. A guy,(again I can't remember his name), went to work for Barnes. He is a metallurgist. He tracked the problem down to their failure to do one last anneal to the copper bullet,AFTER the final pointing stage. They annealed, then put the point on the bullet, causing the point to work harden. It was unreliable for expansion.

Simply annealing after the final point forming, left the copper dead soft so it reliably expands every time.

There's 2 Barnes bullets I DO use. The .223 62 tsx-bt and the Barnes expander 50 cal sabot for black powder rifles. Both perform very well.

The Nosler and Hornady monolithic bullets are cheaper and the Hornady has an excellent BC for long range hunting.
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