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What rifle cartridge is this???

Hey everyone. I have a habit of collecting brass cases, and military headstamps that I find here and there, at the range, etc.

I picked up a couple cases last weekend that I thought were military .308, but they are not. After some research, and flipping through my reloading manual, I cannot figure out what this cartridge is.

Details: Longer than .308 case, about 55mm, but shorter than a .30-06.
Cannot really tell what the bullet diameter was, as the neck is dinged as if fired from a semi-auto rifle.

It is rimless, non-belted. SHoulder angle is not far out of line with most standard 308/.30-06 cartridge styles.

The primer pocket is crimped, or pinned, which tells me it is a military cartridge, as well as the headstamp.

The case body is thicker than a .308/.30-06 case, but it is narrower than a WSM style case.

THe headstamp is quite unique. At 9 oclock is a "D", 3 oclock an "A", a numberal "5" at 12 oclock, and a year stamp of "79" at 6 oclock. If read clockwise, it would read D-5-A-79, but could more logically be "DA, 5-79" as in month/year.

The only cartridge I can think of, is 7X57 Mauser, but this is a guess. See pics below...Anyone know?

Between a .308 and .30-06:

Length view:

Close up:

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