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I'll weigh in here. For most calibers, I use my Hornady AP, as the Dillon 550B couldn't cut it with some of my rounds. I use a Lee universal de-capper in my AP before running them through my wet SS tumbler. They then get spray lubed and loaded. The gas guns are set up with X dies, others get the normal dies. After a brief post-loading visit to a vibratory cleaner with walnut and a dash of mineral spirits, they are good to go. My precision rounds are loaded on my Co-Ax. My Wilson trimmer is used on all rounds, and their primer pocket reamer is deployed to remove military crimps. My scale is a Lyman M that was tuned by Scott Parker. I use the Hornady PM on the AP, but use my B&M for the precision loads. For a wet tumbler, I advise you to Google biggdawg tumblers.
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