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Old Grump,

Back on page 2 you have a pic of a M41. What are you using there as a holster for it?

I had to go look it up because I never paid attention to who made it. I bought it for my H&R 922 my very first handgun back in 1969. In 1973 when I acquired my S&W M41 I found it fit the same holster. Since I don't use both at the same time the holster gets used for whichever gun I am shooting that day. The only markings I can find on it say "Hunter" which is printed inside a powder horn and below that the numbers "1100K 52". Don't ask me where I got it because it could have been Las Cruces, San Diego, El Paso or anyplace in between. K-Mart, gun store or Army Surplus store. I don't know, I have done a whole lot of sleeping since then and bought a whole lot of holsters.

I looked it up and to my surprise my brand spanking new holster is now listed as vintage and can be had for $50. Vintage???? Okay, I'm old but vintage?

Anyway the company is still making holsters and still making 1100 series so if you are looking for one for your gun here is a link that might help you.
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