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So many lost treasures.

Years back I sold wirerope to the steel mills in northern Indiana. one day the buyer said you got to see this. A dumptruck, yes dumptruck, full of handguns, shotguns and rifles. Eighty percent were absolute junk. But the two that caught my eye was a Nazi luger(you just knew it was stolen) and a mint Model 19 Smith&Wesson. It was heavily guarded. But I asked it I could take the grips off the Smith. "No!" said the cop. I said I have the gun already, but I have pachmayer grips and would like a wood said. He told me if I touched that gun he would arrest me. What a jerk. Not saying he had to give them to me, but being a jerk for no reason. Well, they all went into the smelter. The wood would burts into flames and soon they were all molten. So next time you see steel on something just wonder what it was before, could have been a Nazi Luger or some other prize.

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