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I'm definitely going to build a loader like smokin joes (thats about the coolest gizmo I've seen, and all I need is a trip to the hardware store for a proper sized washer). Next week I'll check into getting the original rammer fixed if it costs less than a new one. If that loading setup seats the balls properly (and it really looks like it would) I most likely won't be using the onboard rammer for anything but keeping the cylinder pin in place. Really is a win - win!

Now I just gotta get some lead on order and I'll be in business with this neat little monster. I couldn't be happier with the price for basically a new in the box gun! I looked up the pistol at taylors and they have it for $338!
E.M.F - $295
Midway - $299.99 for a brass frame
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Definitely will post a range report after I get to run a few through this guy, I expect that these guns were meant to be used up close and personal so I'm curious to know where it puts lead at any distance past arms length.
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