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Hummer70 comments that it is interesting is this is the first time he ever heard of a factory die setting a shoulder that far back. I"ve got 6 or 7 RCBS standard full length sizing dies for the .308 Win. All purchased between 1966 and the early 80's. When set in my Rockchucker's such that the shell holder stop hard against their bottom caming over on fired cases from the same rifle, they all set the shoulder back at least .003" from its fired position. I did this test in the mid '80's on a batch of ammo fired in a .308 Win. SAAMI spec chamber that just swallowed my 1.630" GO headspace gauge and was hard to, but did close hard on a 1.631" GO+1 headspace gauge. That's about a 1.6305" chamber, I guess. So I've had to back the die up a few thousandths to set fired case shoulder back about .001".

I think the reason Redding came out with their competition shell holders in .002" steps above the .125" standard is so folks could use one with their full length sizing dies (that set case shoulders back too far with a standard shellholder contact) and end up with a smaller spread in sized case headspace; that's sometimes hard to do with a gap between the die and shellholder when the ram's at the top of its stroke.

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Reynolds says he'll quit neck only sizing when his benchrest record-holding friend quits. Many benchresters (probably most of them from what I've learned this last year) already have switched over to full length sizing their fired cases. I think they're the last competition discipline shooting super accurate rifles and ammo to do so.
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