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Since I have little time with this type of bullet,and reading some of the post here,I can agree it takes more FPS to get these things to shoot.Again I am working with a 20 inch barrel and have to load the bullet long so that I can add more powder in the case.As I said before I had some R17 from when I loaded a 208gn A-max in my rifle.Now knowing that both bullets being almost the same length tells me I have to get them faster than a basic NBT in the same weight.

My last load comes in at 2.965 which is .010 short from the lands of his rifel.I went with 46.0gn of R17 for a test load,and even went with 42.0gn of 4064.I hope to go and shoot these loads Tuesday and see if anything changes.If not I just might try to se if they shoot in my rifle since I have 4 more inches of barrel.I 'll even go on to say that when the last bullet has been shot,I hope I never see an E-tip again or like it.Ya'll can have them thats for sure.
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