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vinnie I have a 100lb dughter that can run a box of ammo thru my cw9. There are several things you can do to help YOU. Nothing different about a kahr compaired to other like sized pistols. kahrs tend to be easier to shoot than some others.

Get a pair of good tight fitting gloves for shooting at the range till you tough'n up those hands. Cut the trigger finger off or buy some open finger biker gloves. Add a rubber slide on aid to the grip. Like what HOGUE sells or use a old piece of inner tube like this on my kahr tp40. I did the same to my cm9 and cw9. Free at bike shops for a used inner tube, 1.75" size.

It does take some time to tough'n up to a small light pistol. Shoot 50 rounds and go home if you most.

Short of buying a larger heavier hand gun that you already have your not going to find a soft shooting pistol that nearly as concealable. I have a glock and don;t find much difference. maybe the rubber slip on makes up the difference . No more slip slideing around in your hand . NO more grip bite.
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