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When out on patrol and you get engaged for a period of time, do you worry about the magazines that you have gone through?
You have a large open pouch like a bag that hangs from either your belt or your flak called a dump pouch, spent mags are supposed to be dropped in there. Situation dictates though, sometimes you just let em fall and come back for them later. We were told not to leave them behind as IED makers have used them as bait, someone sees a free mag and goes to pick it up and it has a pull cord attached to a charge and some 9v batteries. We were also told not to pick up any gear we just saw laying around while on patrol.

Also, when you get your ammo overseas, does it come in 500 round cans and how many clips do you usually carry.

I guess I could be asking the same question about your rifle as well as your handgun
For me it was less than organized. The ammo came in a 500 rd can but it was all loose rounds of M855 ball, tracer, and Mk262 match ammo that was intended for the DMs (designated marksmen) but we all ended up with some. Combat load is seven magazines, 6 on your chest and one in your weapon for a total of 210 rounds. I personally never carried an M9 so I couldnt tell you.
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