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ou have an $800 rifle in unaltered condition.

Once you drill and tap the receiver, you will have a $300 rifle.


Sell it to a collector and use the money to buy a high end Remington 700 and scope. The 700 will be much more accurate than the 1903 and the collector will be happy too.
1903 will shoot with any modern gun, but you can get a good modern bun with scope for less than a keeper 1903 is worth (and you can't scope a 1903 without some damage to the stock)

I have two of the SK mounts. They are not going to come loose. They are solid, solid solid.

They do have drawbacks in that they are too high and cheek weld is an issue , but it is the price to pay for a non intrusive ( no quite totally on the 1903, the one on the 1917 is totally non intrusive).

Frankly they would make good hunting scopes as its not a match shot (maybe not a good snap shot ability but I am not inclined to those anyway)

They are less friendly as target shooting but do allow that if your eyes cannot see iron sights and you do not want to wreck a collector gun.

If for a 1903 you could buy (find used) a sacrificial 1903 stock in sporter and put it in that for shooting.

So, an option, to be considered and not dismissed out of hand as not solid, even if not perfect cheek weld.
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