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A .375 Ruger does not efficiently burn its powder in a 20" barrel.
What exactly is the basis of your argument? Just because the 24" barrel produces more velocity doesn't mean that the powder isn't being burned efficiently in a shorter barrel. There are several cartridges that were designed for short barrels that still produce faster velocities than the shorter barrel that doesn't change the fact that they are efficient in a shorter barrel. The shorter and fatter powder column which is proven to provide more efficient ignition and burn regardless of barrel length, the same can't be said for the H&H.

Soundly thumping the velocity of the H&H with the 24" barrel is a testament to the Ruger.
Like I said you have to pick your powders. The H&H will push a 260 grain Nosler Partition to 2754 fps with a 79 grain charger of IMR 4007 SSC, and the Ruger pushes the 260 grain Accubond to 2793 fps with a 78 grain charge of IMR 4007 SSC. H&H will push a 270 grain TSX to 2632 fps with 78 grains of H380 and the Ruger will do 2783 fps with a 270 grain Hornady and 83.5 grains of H4350. So I wouldn't call it a lot more efficient overall, these loads were taken from Hogdon's web page and both were fired from a 24" barrel. So I wouldn't go saying the Ruger soundly thumps the H&H out of a 24" barrel. In fact to soundly thump the H&H the Ruger is using on average 10% more of the same exact powder in most cases to do it. However, I wonder if someone was to do a comparison of 20" barrels would the results be as close?

The real problem with the H&H matching the velocities of the Ruger is the case design. The case capacities are similar 95 grains of water for the H&H and 99 grains of water for the Ruger. However the long taper of the case and shoulder angle leave the H&H prone to stretching and separation ahead of the belt on the case if pushed too hard. The minimal body taper and sharper shoulder allow the Ruger to be pushed harder without the case stretch of the H&H. Both the Ruger and the H&H have an average SAAMI maximum operating pressure of 62,000 PSI the old cordite powder argument really isn't a good one anymore.
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