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The Barnes is my choice in all of my rifles, from .243 to 45/70 and here's why: The GMX and E-Tip are both gilding metal. The GMX has relief grooves in it like the Barnes which may allow higher velocities, but I could never get 'em to shoot tight groups in my guns. The E-Tip does not and can not be driven to the same velocities as the Barnes. These monolithic bullets (IMO) need to be driven fast to perform. And they do perform. I've killed dozens of hogs with the Barnes and all of the bullets recovered could be sold as an advertisement for Barnes. Beautiful setback and 100% weight retention. Accuracy is under 1/2" for my four bolt rifles and right at an inch in my Sharps. Fouling seems to be an issue more with the particular rifle than the bullet. My Browning A-Bolt is fussy and needs thorough cleaning after 30 rounds or so. Definitely have to use an ammonia based bore solvent.

I shoot the Barnes out of preference and shoot it even when I don't have to. I have taken them to Wyoming and killed elk and mule deer with them and they do a fantastic job. I have found that it's better to go light rather than heavy. My favorite weight in the .300 is the 168 gr. TTSX and in the 7 mm rem mag the 140 TTSX. The 80 grainer in the .243 loaded with the new Superformance powder is wicked fast at 3,630 fps out of my 22" BDL and 1/2" groups. It turns coyotes inside out and performs well on medium hogs.

Problems with fouling and failure to open were common with the older X bullet but they've done a great job of producing a hunting bullet that really works.
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