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What a pain that is. Wish we could figure out why.

I measured the thickness of the material at the mouths of the primer cups on some of the TulAmmo KVB556M primers I have (it is generally assumed the Wolf and TulAmmo primers come from the same plant because their performance is so identical) with calipers, and I get different numbers going all around the rim of the cup. This is due to a burr biased in on one side. It appears from marks on the edge to be from how the cups are trimmed to correct height. If that same burr was smeared to the outside, it could certainly create a gap for gas bypass upon seating. I'd then expect it to seat hard (though the Russian primers tend to anyway, so this would be extra hard).

When you deprime the leakers, can you spot where they're doing this?

I would call Wolf and explain and see if they'll let you exchange them for another lot.
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