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Well OP, you went and bought a gun with a more "specialized" twist when all you really only needed or wanted a plain ol' shooter and ya did it in the middle of an ammo crunch. You have 3, maybe 4 options: One is to reload as already stated. It doesn't take $ 500 worth of gear (more like $100 to start), it can be done by anybody with access to any kind of table but on the flip side some folk don't like it and components are just as hard to right now as ammo. Another option is to just deal with it and fork over your hard earned cash for ammo. A third is to park the gun and wait for a better day to get into centerfire shooting. The forth is to sell it and get something else but that doesn't really solve anything for you since ALL ammo is expensive and hard to get right now.

A classic case of leapin before you look.
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