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A .375 Ruger does not efficiently burn its powder in a 20" barrel. The velocity gap between a 20" barrel and a 24" barrel with Hornaday ammo designed for the 20" barrel is testament to that fact. Duplicating the velocity of the H&H which dates back to the days of Cordite and the pressures of a double rifle is no acomplishment for the Ruger. Soundly thumping the velocity of the H&H with the 24" barrel is a testament to the Ruger. Having said that, if you load the H&H up to the pressure potential of the Mark V action, it makes the Ruger look a bit pitiful. At that pressure, the H&H also kicks like a mule on steroids. If you use a fast enough powder, you can theoretically get the powder burned in a 10" barrel. However, that does not mean that the load is an efficient match between bore dia. and volumetric capacity of the case.
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