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You have set up an interesting way for a shooter to challenge and improve himself in a fun kind of way. And if you use the replacement dots on a Shoot&See target, you can use the same target 12 times more!
FWIW - I like to use those little replacement dots as the actual targets.
I give the actual targets themself to my wife.
& thanks for seeing the fun in a real challenge.

Consider this, each time you shoot at a target you determine if it is a pass of fail. Now after you have shot at 10 different targets, you can look at them as a "group" to determine your over-all consistency
I do that in sort of a round about way.
I use individual targets - the center bull - then measure how far from that center each shot hits.
To keep it both a challenge and on some sort of level table, instead of inches or fractions of inches, I gauge the distance away from the center bull by caliber diameter.

Oh, and one more question, is that soup can at 300 yards Chicken Noodle or Cream of Chicken?
Either or - your call.
Where abouts are you located & is there a 300 yard place to give it a try?

Talk is cheap, Hal. It's easy to say you can shoot empty cases at 25 yards. We all know that no one ever lies on the internet.
Take it or leave it - makes no difference to me.
Just to be clear though, the empty cases I mentioned were @ 25 feet, not 25 yards.
I've done empty .45acp cases at 25 yards before - but -it was some years ago. I'm not 100% sure I could hit as many as I'd like @ 25 yards & whether you believe it or not, I wouldn't want to lie about it.
(not to you mind you, I mean lie to me about it..I couldn't care less what you believe or don't)

Good shooters can shoot good groups on demand and are willing to prove it.
Exactly & that's exactly my point.
They feel some need to prove it.
I feel no need to prove anything to anyone -other than myself.
Why should I?

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