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What sort of weird thing has happened to you while carrying?

Alright, I'll play lol

One time when I had an FNX-9 IWB at 4:00. I was a tattoo shop for a girl I was dating. She wanted something and I knew some people. So we went, as I sat down apparently the mag release was also engaged. I unknown to me. So I stood up, and since its at an FBI cant, it made a "click" noise when it fell into place. So I just reached behind myself and under my button up and clicked it back in.

Turned out you'd look at that gun the wrong way it do that. One time when I had to run to a potentially dangerous situation in public, away from public being where I'd draw...I heard it clacking away behind me and while I ran I clicked it back in and held it till I got to where I needed to be.

Sold that gun the next day to my LGS.

Another time was recently. I went to Broward Co. with some friends of mine and my girlfriend. We were standing in line to put our name on the list (Saturday night) and this kid reaches for the bowl of mints behind me, I begin to turn around so he doesn't bump into something at my 4:00. ( I know twisted trade off) but he wanted that candy. Determination was in eyes an squeaky voice as he reached for it and his head cracked into the sights / slide of my SIG P220 -____- he exclaims an "owwwww" to where I said something like "oh you okay there buddy? You gotta slow down and be a little more cautious yeah?" He said sorry (I felt bad, I wanted to say sorry) grabbed the mints that he could reach in the first place as I looked to see if he had a cut or something. He didn't. They're made of rubber at that age lol.

Oh and I'm 6'2 if that's any consolation as to how his temple reached what it did.
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