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Whats the gun market like down there?
In a word, strange. Good times (money wise) from the 40's until the 80's left a world of relatively interesting revolvers floating around. Pythons, Diamondbacks and Masterpieces are specially plentiful, and not expensive. On the other hand, the tropical climate has taken a heavy toll on many of them.

In the late nineties, as Venezuelan politics turned a somewhat carmine hue, things changed radically. Importation dwindled, and all you can buy new today is Taurus. And in fact, you can't buy anything new today, as there is a one year moratorium in the sale of firearms which is thankfully nearing its end.

Prices of handguns is about double of what they would cost in the USA, with two excpetions: old fine guns are cheaper here (a fine but not mint Python, M29, or M27 can be had for about $700; my not-that-bad M30 from 1959 was about $150), and Glocks, that are insanely expensive (about $1,500 for just about any model,used)

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