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Guv- I happen to have a nice older Ruger m77 in 6mm and it is worth alot more to me than any 77/22 I've ever seen. I can still go out and buy a 77/22 or hundreds of other models of .22 rifles. A 6mm on the other hand, unless its a custom built rifle, is no longer made at all by anyone as far as I know. If the price falls off on 6mm rifles I will buy them by the truckload. But that wont happen. The 6mm rem caliber is too sought after by hunters who know what they are, and reloaders, to ever fade away. One thing that has been forgotten in this thread, what will people hunt with??? Outside of short range varmint hunting, a .22lr is pretty much useless as a hunting round. "Deer caliber" rifles will always sell well, and so will varmint and large game calibers. As long as there are critters running around in the wilderness, people will hunt them. And they wont be using .22s.
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