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"In Georgia, it wasn't that private property owners were not allowed to control their property but rather the GA legislature or court said that one's vehicle is an extension of their private property. So I can have guns, alcohol (not opened of course) or whatever in my car and the parking lot's owner has no say what is in my car. But once I take it out of my car, it is no longer on my private property but the parking lot's property"

I understand. My point was, as a property owner, I can tell you to remove your vehicle or your person from my property for any reason I see fit. If I don't like a gun I know you have or see you have in your vehicle I can tell you to leave, I do not have to tell you why I am asking you to leave. My concern was maintaining property rights, I do not really like it the government starts telling what I may or may not allow on my property. We have enough of that already.

My concern is the more we allow the government to tell us what we must allow on our private property we also sort of open the legal door for them telling us more stuff we "may not" have on our property.
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