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How does the state enforce such a law? Have they removed my right to eject people from my property for whatever reason I see fit? I get allowing guns in vehicles on public property, schools, city buildings etc. But, telling a private property owner what they must allow on their property rubs me the wrong way. I have no issue with people keeping guns in their cars, but the principle is what bugs me. Don't tell me I can't boot someone off my land for any reason I see fit.
In Georgia, it wasn't that private property owners were not allowed to control their property but rather the GA legislature or court said that one's vehicle is an extension of their private property. So I can have guns, alcohol (not opened of course) or whatever in my car and the parking lot's owner has no say what is in my car. But once I take it out of my car, it is no longer on my private property but the parking lot's property
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