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Okay, so I've said that free-floating barrels generally provide better overall accuracy, but there are exceptions, like Rem 10-22s which perform better with a pressure point in the barrel channel.

Another situation is when a person has a very stable, stiff stock, such as a high-quality fiberglass stock or fine laminated stock that are not affected by humidity changes. For rifles with these stocks to be used with many different bullet weights and loads and changing scope zero to accommodate the change isn't convenient, a pressure point can minimize vertical dispersion.

The one-rifle person sometimes must make compromises. For my first and only centerfire, I once had a thin-barreled Savage 110 that varied vertical POI by over 2" at 100 yds when switching between 125 and 165 grain bullets. The saboted "Accelerator" .22 cal loads were almost off the page. If my needs weren't so separated by season, I may have tried a pressure point to minimize such dispersion, even sacrificing some grouping ability for POI control.

Today, it's not a problem for me because I don't own that rifle and have several dedicated CF rifles to handle most any situation.
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