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I have a .45ACP SIG P250 Compact on layaway that I'll probably pay off when I'm paid next week. Since I haven't finished paying for it, I suppose that will be my next handgun, but since it is already on order and partially paid for, I won't count it as my next purchase.

My next handgun or two will probably be one of the following:
-CZ P01 or PCR. I love 9mm, but I'm also a big fan of .40S&W, I'd do the P06 if capacity wasn't so low (10 rounds, most .40s this size seem to have a 12 round capacity).
-Taurus 405
-Taurus 445 (or a used 450 if I can find one)
-Taurus 431 (5-shot, 3", K-frame sized .44spl, only available used)
-.40S&W or .357SIG subcompact caliber x-change kit for the SIG 250
-SIG P229 or 239 in .40S&W.
-S&W 396 Night Guard if I can find one at a price that doesn't require me to sell a kidney
-3" S&W N-frame (probably 625, 629/29, 625/25, 657/57).
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