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Again I don't understand what point you are trying to make other than to brag that you can shoot better than some others. Or that shooting at a thing more than once is no good or that you have a prejudice against it. Or that folks should not practice
My point is that I don't "do groups".
No where did I say or advocate others shouldn't.
& please, point out exactly where I said other's shouldn't practice?
I'll even go you one better...
Feel free to search back all 6000 plus posts I've made here in the last 14 years and find one where I've ever told someone not to practice.

Do I have a prejudice against shooting at something more than once?
Well, yes, I do.
Why? Because I know I'm capable of better.

A person does this to test their skills, their gun, their ammo or just for the fun of it.
This person - meaning me - feels no real need to measure my skills by how close together I can clump shots. I find no fun in doing that. Just the opposite - I found it boring in the extreme.

It also seems, maybe, that you don't quite understand that the group is the result of shooting multiple shots at the same thing. The aim is for all to hit in the same space, more or less and the group is the result
I understand all too well what a "group" is.
It seems to me that it's you that doesn't understand what a "group" represents to me.
"The aim is for all to hit in the same space, more or less..."
There is no "more or less" for me.
The shots either all go in the same space or it's a miss.
What you call a "group" - I call a failure on my part to live up to my potential.

Sorry Hal but at 200-300 yards I can't see a Campbell's soup can over the iron sights of a handgun.
That's you. I don't hold you or anyone else to my standards so please extend me the common courtesy of not trying to impose your limitations on me - ok?
A soup can at anything less than 200 or even 300 yards would not be enough to challenge what I know I'm capable of.
I know I'm capable of hitting three pennys with less than 10 shots at 50 yards using a stock Ruger .22/45 with open sights. I've done that multiple times.
A target the size of a soup can at that range would be zero challenge for me.
A target this size of a soup can at 100 yards would be a small challenge, but, one that I feel I'm more than able to overcome w/out a whole lot of effort.
300 yards?
Now your talking. That's something I feel would be a challenge to my abilities.

Speaking of which....why is it that you seem to feel that if I hold myself to a higher standard and push myself as hard as I possibly can, it's "bragging"?
Just beacuse I set goals for myself that challange my ability isn't a brag.
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