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Originally Posted by Mike/Tx
Hey now don't hate on us slow folks
No hate here, in fact the total noob with their first pistol and no experience, is who I care about most. The world is a strange place, its rare that the UFC fighter, or the pistol Grand Master gets attacked, just by virtue of their small demographics. Its usually the elderly man, the soccer mom, etc, etc that end up being the ones facing the IRL deadly encounter.

They don't have to become IDPA champions to impress me. Just caring enough to master the basics of marksmanship and safety would make them aces high in my book. Sadly, many people, even many LEOs don't take it seriously enough. One doesn't have to become a gun aficionado to develope proficiency, with a tool they may need to save their life.
"No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms."- Thomas Jefferson
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