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Why a .41?

1. It is unusual and unique.
2. It is exactly (for me), the right size cases to manipulate and handle while hand loading. 9MM pinches my fingers in the press, too small to get a grip on quickly. The .44 Mag and .44 Spl. cases feel a little too large in diameter to me, more difficult to grasp quickly. In my days of single-stage presses, it was important.
3. Being a bullet caster and hand loader, there is no "down side", to shooting the .41 Magnum. It is very versitile...I have loaded warm loads for hunting, to very mild loads for target work including double-action rapid fire.
4. When shooting factory loads (haven't for years), the recoil is much more pleasant and controllable than a .44 Magnum, quicker on the second (and third), shot.
5. As a .41 shooter, it is unlikely that I will ever be confused with someone who has an un-modest attitude that "bigger is better", "mine is bigger than your's, etc., etc. Bigger is not always "better". The .41 Magnum is "just right".
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