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I don't have the exact bullet, but am going to start work ups on some loads for the wife to run out of her GP-100 using he same weight.

I have the powders listed as well as a couple of others to try. Full tilt doesn't bother her one bit, (she learned to shoot handguns with my top end 44 mag loads) so let the recommendations fly.

I'm not looking for specifically for anything top end rather something she can shoot while we're out and about in the country and become proficient with, and also have plenty of punch for dispatching a few hogs, some of which will be in a trap. These look to be right in the ball park so far. I'm looking more for accuracy than anything and powder recommendations work just as well as data.

I have several molds and alloys from which to choose from so I can taylor them to suit the load. I also have plenty of data to double check loads with, so not looking for anything specific. It just gets overwhelming sometimes trying to narrow down what "might" be a good powder, when you start looking at some popular bullet weights in some calibers, and this is one of them. The last time we got into shooting cast with her revolver it was some Zero 140'ish grain HBWC's and we were using Red and Blue dot for those some 20yrs ago. She has been shooting since but mostly ACP's from my 1911, and now she (we) wants to get back to "HER" gun...

I subscribed to this thread and will be taking notes.

Mike / TX
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