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Frustration with the Kansas City Star

Some of you probably read the email exchanges I had with Barb Shelly (opinion writer) and Derek Donovan (public editor) at the Kansas City Star.

They never did get back to me, with regard to my offer to let them shoot an Evil Black Rifle, a shotgun, and some handguns on my property. Nor has Ms Shelly responded to any subsequent emails.

She has, however, posted several anti-gun OP-ED pieces in the interim. She had a heyday comparing Oscar Pistorius to Jovan Belcher, just the other day.

So, I submitted the following letter to the editor, and I am very curious as to whether it will ever see the light of day:

In Castle Rock v Gonzales, in 2005, the Supreme Court ruled that the police are not responsible for the protection of individuals. (NY Times June 28, 2005)

According to the website there are nine registered sex offenders near my home; there are 344 registered sex offenders in the St Joseph area; and there are 2,321 registered sex offenders in Kansas City.

If the police are not required to protect my wife or child; if they are not required to protect your family; then why should any of us allow the government to deny us the right to defend our own?

Barb Shelly has had multiple editorials, lately, deploring the horrors inflicted by evil men with guns. I pointed out to her that Professor Gary Kleck's studies at Florida State University found nearly 5,000 cases of self-defense, using guns, occur every day in the US.

Even using the conservative study figures used by the CDC, successful self-defense cases involving guns occur a quarter million times a year in the US.

My question for Ms Shelly and the Gun Control lobby is not why I should be allowed to own guns. The question is why do you not want me to?
Edit: The Star's submission standards allow a maximum length of 200 words, so I had to keep this short.
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