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Indeed, the Model 60 has come in both .38 and .357 at different times. For a short period of time, I owned a 3-inch Model 60 in .357 Magnum and I've gotta say -- for carry, it was a fantastic size.

But I couldn't keep this revolver...
--I carry a semi-auto. LOVE revolvers, but on range day. For carry, I prefer the autochucker and a spare magazine.

--5 shots in the cylinder. And if that's your primary carry, that's a low number. The guy I swapped to get the Model 60 took a Glock 19 in trade for it from me. This man was HUGE, 6'7" and all of 350 lbs, but he was ready to swap the Model 60 because three disenfranchised youths were smart enough to change their mind when introduced to it -- but you've got to wonder about the boldness of approaching a man that large with ill intent. And afterward, 5 shots and three assailants simply didn't sound like fun math, so he moved the Model 60.

--Felt recoil from a 3-inch J-frame with .357 Magnum ammo was entirely unenjoyable. And I don't consider myself overly recoil sensitive. My daily carry and practice (often with!) pistol is chambered in 10mm and I do my practice with 180gr slugs. I love 4-inch and 6-inch .357 Mag revolvers with full bore 158 grain handloads as much as anything on range day. But shooting the Model 60 was no fun whatsoever and I couldn't make it fun. it had to go. Very accurate revolver and very well made and a joy to carry. I'd definitely re-consider owning one if I were the type to wear a second gun, but I don't do that.
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