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If you the reader, whomever you may be, are way, way slower, but have never competed and previously thought you were a good quick pistolero...well guess what, you aren't.
Hey now don't hate on us slow folks......

I have really enjoyed the talk here especially about the 41. I have had one in my stable for quite some time and shoot mostly near top end loads. I don't know what I would do in a SD situation as far as time goes, but if pressed into it, I don't think I would miss my target.

I had a friend who used the 41 on patrol when they came out. One of you might have even known him by his handle "Gowge". He was a great fellow with a ton of knowledge not only with firearms but life in general. He filled me in on plenty of his experiences with his while on duty, as well as that of others he knew. For those who could handle the full end loads it was a formidable proposition.

Anyway, speaking of the Win ST's I never really got much of a fuzzy feeling for them. They simply didn't deliver what I thought they should have. In several instances they simple failed to expand at all. On the other hand the 170gr Remington SJHP worked and worked well every time. I never recovered any of them that weren't rolled back nearly to the base. That said I use my handguns for hunting. I practice plenty and I shoot to put meat on the table. My preferred quarry is feral hogs and the 41 fills the bill well. Put into action against a BG I don't think they would enjoy the resulting situation.

My most carried load has been the Rem 200gr SJHP, loaded over 20.5grs of 296, do to being able to keep a decent velocity of around 1300fps from my 7.5" Redhawk, with plenty of down range energy, but still mild enough for rapid controlled fire on target. Nothing in the realm of what you folks are talking but good enough for fast moving hogs in the brush.

I'll go away now and let you speedsters continue on. You have my admiration for your dedication and practice. I wished I could get out more and work back up to where I used to be, life has a way of getting in the way of things ou like to do. I'm working on it though as well as bringing the wife along with me.

Take care
Mike / TX
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