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900 acre shooting range idea

Hey guys, Im new here, so I will go ahead and say hello!

A friend and I were talking tonight about possibly building a outdoor gun range, competition range and maybe a "real life" scenario training range on some vacant land we have between Hyco and Hamilton Tx( about 1 hour ouside Glenrose). We have roughly 900 acres. We dont know how to build a gun range but we could have it designed and built by someone who knows what they are doing. We have 2 people with ground leases expiring late April and early May and we are looking for ways for the property to generate some income to help pay for itself. The land has lots of mature trees, pecan, pine etc. and the land is differnt elevations.

I guess what I would need to know is, is there a "big" enough market for an outdoor gun range or competition range in Texas that far away from a major city?

I am not a competitoin shooter so I dont know if those type of ranges exist in huge numbers or few here and there.

Anyways its just an idea and wanted to hear any thought or advice or anything you cound contribute.


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