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Not really panic buying but have bought a few things, trying to avoid the most in-demand items and picking up things at mostly normal prices. The closest to panic buying was that I gave away a couple boxes of primers and then discovered a site that actually had them in for less than five dollars over what I normally pay. So I bought 5,000 to replace what went out and add a little more to make the hazmat worthwhile.

Other than that I am upgrading optics, slings and mounts, new bolt rifle and S&W M29 Mountain, so then I had to order more .430" bullets and powder (yes Powder Valley actually has some H110 and Universal in stock). Oh and I wanted to finally get some inventory built up of #1 buckshot and found Cheaper Than Dirt had some for normal prices so picked up 10 boxes of those. I have a family member deploying soon and he wanted some yellow Magpul followers for his AR15 30-rd mags so after extensive searching I found a couple of places with those. It is tough finding stuff but there are a few things out there. Great time to buy 1911 pistols, 44 Mag/.45 Colt revolvers or .270 or 7mm Mag rifles!
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