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In the tradition of innocent until proven guilty, its not Unconstitutional until it's challenged in court.
I understand and agree. As far as I am concerned it is like freedom of speech. since it is specifically spelled out as a right I think a starting point of any new law as unconstitutional until tested in court is a healthy theoretical attitude.

I was just pointing out that such licenses already do exist. I am not referring to carry license, but license to own. I don't know if those state level requirements have been tested yet.

I know my jurisdiction has such a requirement, and you have to have each registration with you even when transporting the firearm unloaded in your trunk. And in our case you even must have a registration with you when in possession of only ammunition.

Again, in my jurisdiction If you are transporting a weapon unloaded and do not have the valid and current (ours expire every three years) registration papers for each firearm right there with you at all moments the firearm leaves address of registration, or even ammo alone, you are subject to a firearms violation.
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