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I ran across the video below on youtube a few minutes ago.

Bob Vogel: The Mozambique Drill

.93 seconds

Taran Butler in .63 Seconds!!!!!

Three shots from low ready.

Like I said earlier in the thread, I don't see what's so amazing about the times I said I was getting with the Model 58. I use full power loads in my revolvers and semi-autos, so that slows me down a little. Plus my holsters are all practical carry. If I use a special ISPC/IDPA rig and minimum allowed power ammo, my times go down. Anyone familiar with IDPA/ISPC shooting should know how fast some people are.

Also, why is it considered bragging, etc just merely relating facts? First this is pseudonymous with screen names, so I'm not glorifying myself. Second, the people who do know me IRL know its true. So, I don't see why talking about me is wrong, when its all true.

At the very least, the times I'm posting are slower than what guys like Taran Butler, Blake Miguez, Todd Jarret, Rob Latham, etc are shooting. So even if I am lying about my prowess, its still with in the bounds of reality. If you the reader, whomever you may be, are way, way slower, but have never competed and previously thought you were a good quick pistolero...well guess what, you aren't.
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