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I bought my pistol before the panic, and picked up a some magazines and a little ammo. If I see a value pack of ammo for the old price, I'll buy it.
No panic buying on the pistol.

After the election I realized I really needed an AR rifle. I had to do some panic buying there. The rifle was about 65% over normal. They are much higher now.

I had to pay panic prices for ammo and magazines to build up an emergency supply. Now I buy what is available at Academy or Walmart for normal price.

For shooting, I found a range that sells at good prices for on site shooting only. I fear the may run out, that's why I continue to add to my supply when I find it.

I did pay more, but if unrest does come, it will be worth it to protect my home.

I could have saved some money by buying four months ago.
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