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KMAX Tom, Perhaps I misunderstand, but it seems to me that you are good with the federal government's continual power grab.
Correct, you DO misunderstand.
The point I am making is that these state firearm freedom laws are MEANINGLESS. They are simply political pandering with no value other than symbolic chest beating.

Would you be as excited if you state legislature passed a law saying "we absolutely refuse to enforce federal immigration law".......Before you answer realize that states DON"T enforce federal immigration laws.......the FEDS do.

The "power grab" BTW occured DECADES ago, this is nothing new.

..... I personally feel the federal government over reaches it authority way too often and that it should be watched diligently. This is why I feel federal enforcement of constitutionally questionable laws should always be challenged....
Don't like a FEDERAL change it via FEDERAL court or Congressional action. Getting excited by a state passing a hot air balloon is a waste of time.
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