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I will have to admit, my Remingtons and Rugers have had very good recoil pads [ the ones that didn't got a good one shortly after purchase ] and so shooting the 06's and the .300 WSM was not really uncomfortable--- I've just never been a fan of a sore shoulder if it can be avoided---so I'll go out and sight in this thing and see if the semi-soft factory pad is enough---I enjoyed shooting my #1 in 45-70, but the Rugers are somewhat heavy and that helps dampen the recoil---fortunately, it seems that in the mad rush to stock up on ammo, the .35 Whelen was pretty much overlooked, had no problem finding plenty of ammo for it at Gander Mountain. Found it on an end cap with the 45-70's and .444 Marlins-----I don't have anything that fires .223, but it will be nice to be able to buy .22 lr again at some point----
Forgive me, but I like threads with photos---
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