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In the case of Mishaga v. Monken (#24 on the list) we haven't heard a thing, since last Jan (of 2012). We have been waiting for Judge Sue Meyerscough to render a decision on pending motions for summary judgment.

Look at the docket:

01/10/2012 TEXT ORDER: The Parties have filed a Joint Motion to Vacate Trial and Associated Pre-trial Deadlines (d/e 27) (Motion). For good cause shown, the Motion is GRANTED. The Final Pretrial Conference set for January 23, 2012 and the Jury Trial set for February 7, 2012 are VACATED and will be rescheduled as needed after this Court rules on the pending motions for summary judgment (see d/e 19, 22). Entered by Judge Sue E. Myerscough on 1/10/2012. (MJ, ilcd) (Entered: 01/10/2012)

12/15/2012 28 NOTICE OF SUPPLEMENTAL AUTHORITY re 22 MOTION for Summary Judgment (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit)(Manley, James) (Entered: 12/15/2012)
It would be easy to see, by the date the supplemental authority was filed, that this is to call notice to the decision in Moore.

Judge Meyerscough is now caught between a rock and a hard place, since this is an IL case filed in the same district as Moore, which won at CA7. I'm willing to bet that Meyerscough is now waiting to see the results of the petition for en banc at CA7. Then she will wait to see whether Posner's decision is upheld or, in the alternative, if cert is filed by the State and if that is granted or denied.

Meanwhile, the crickets are chirping just outside of her chambers window!

Does the name, Meyerscough, sound familiar? She is the judge that denied the injunction in Moore - this has to hurt!
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