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To clear up a few points;
A veteran(with proper DD214 form 4 documents & no felon/mental health problems) can obtain a W or concealed weapon license WITHOUT the Div of Licensing mandated training. It doesn't matter what branch of service, rank, combat awards, or MOS/position. The W license is valid for 7 years & meets the same requirements as the W license for a regular citizen. NOTE: new laws have sped up the application SOP & the plastic W license no longer states the address.

Also; you CAN NOT do "bodyguard" or "close protection" details or be employed with just a W license. You must obtain & keep valid a Florida class D & a class G license to do "plain clothes" security. If a C or private investigator wants to carry a concealed firearm he/she must have valid Florida Div of Licensing D & G cards(on their person IAW Florida law).
G officers or license holders can only use these calibers; 9x19mm(9mm Luger), .38spl or the .380acp. No Magnum PI .45s or Desert Eagle .50AE pistols with laser sights. .357magnum revolvers are allowed WITH factory .38spl caliber loads.
The new Florida bill was for honorable discharge veterans to conceal W/O any state ID cards. It's not a formal law yet in Florida. Both Gov Scott & Lt Gov Carroll are US Navy veterans. Carroll also ran the Stand Your Ground task force after the Martin-Zimmerman incident & she had a A+ rating from the NRA.

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